Standard manicure $16

Signature manicure $20

Royal manicure $ 28

Manicure with gel polish $28

Gel nail polish $18

Nail polish change $8

Gel nail polish removal with service $3/ without service $5


Express Pedicure $25

Standard pedicure $30

Signature Pedicure $40

Royal Pedicure $50

Toe polish change $12

Add on services for pedicure

Gel polish application $15

Shinny buffering $3

Artificial toe nail $5/ Refill $3

Gel polish removal $5

Nail art 2 for $5

French tip $5


Acrylic full set $28

Acrylic fill in $18

Pink and white full set $50

Pink and white fill in $40

Gel powder full set $35

Gel powder fill in $25

Liquid gel (hard gel) full set with gel color $45

Liquid gel (hard gel) fill in with gel color $35

Liquid gel (hard gel) full set pink and white (French tip) $50

Liquid gel (hard gel) Fill in pink and white (French tip) $40

Dipping powder SNS color set $28

Dipping powder SNS color change $31

Dipping powder SNS natural set $38

Dipping powder SNS natural refill $31

Dipping powder SNS pink and white set $50

Dipping powder SNS pink and white refill $40

Add on services for artificial nails

Gel polish            $14

Cut down            $3

Repair                $3

Special shapes (Coffin/Ballerina, Stiletto, almond)            $3

Nail art                  2 for $5                 whole set $12-$20

Rhinestone         2 for $15  

French tip        $5

Color tips         $5

Services for kids (9 years old or younger)

Manicure $10

Finger nail polish change $5

Pedicure $20

Toe polish change $10



Arms                     Remove the hair on your arm up to the upper arms         $30

Half arms             Remove the hair on your arms up to the elbows                $20

Underarms                                                                                                                 $18

Legs                       Remove the hair on your legs and thighs                              $35

Half legs               Remove the hair on your legs up to the knees                      $25

Cheeks                                                                                                                           $20

Chin                       Remove the hair at the chin area                                             $12

Eyebrows                                                                                                                      $10

Whole face         Remove the unwanted hair on your whole face                       $42

* Additional charges may apply for special needs. Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary from time to time. Please ask our staff for further details.

Customer Feedback

“Lee” you rock my nails, as always look awesome! thank you

Nanci Cipolla